Friends' meetings

All Friends live meetings and trips have been cancelled or postponed  due to the Coronavirus situation.

In the meantime, we are producing a series of specially recoded talks, which are available on our YouTube channel. Topics so far covered include updates from the Museum Director on Museum activities;  a talk by Roger French on how public transport is coping with the pandemic; an expert analysis of alternative fuels for buses (battery and hydrogen power); transport heritage in New South Wales; a vitrual walk round Hampstead village; and  a retrospective - 50 years on - about London Country Bus Services.

Visit our YouTube page by clicking on the link below..


Meetings Update

3rd May 2021

Hear how the Friends sales activities are managed


24th May 2021

Mark Yexley explains how he keeps busy in retirement


14th June 2021

Roger Torode on the history of this distinctive operator


There are other events organised by the London Transport Museum, to view them click here