Members' area

Welcome to the Friends' member area of our website. As part of your membership package you now have exclusive access to this new area. In time we will be developing it with new and exclusive content only available to Friends.

At the moment you can keep your contact details up to date, renew your subscription online, revisit all our Friends News, and when you book events you will need to be logged into your account so that we can reserve your place. 

Existing members' registration

To register initially all you need to do is enter your membership number as your username in the first box above and the generic password under that. The generic password will have been sent out to all members.

On your first visit, you will be prompted to update the password to a new one that you will remember.

On all future occasions you should log-in with your email address and your updated password.

New members' registration

If you joined online then you will have been registered automatically and received a username and password by email. Once you have received your "Welcome Pack" by post you will be able to login and access the Members' area of the website.

Forgotten passwords

Don't worry if you forget your password in the future, just click the forgotten your password button and follow the onscreen instructions to retrieve a new one that will be sent to your email account. 

We look forward to receiving your feedback on this new area of the website and if you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see in it, then let us know as we may be able to add them in the future.