By supporting our work

We hope we have persuaded you to join us in the Friends and perhaps also to put your name down as a potential volunteer.
If you are not yet ready to take those steps, you can still support our work and projects by making a donation to the Friends. 
Our major heritage trains and buses projects are described on other pages and have their own links to make it easy to make specific supporting donations.
Or you can make a general donation of money to support the work of the Friends.
Or donate surplus items from your transport collection. 
Or finally, remember us in your will, with a legacy that guarantees a long-lasting contribution for future generations to enjoy. 
You can see us 'at work' as volunteers at public events, such as the heritage train and bus runs. Come and talk to us.
All Friends' activities and forthcoming Friends' events will appear on these pages, so keep browsing. You can also keep up to date on our Facebook page, on X (formerly Twitter) and on Flickr

And keep a watch too, on what is happening at the London Transport Museum.