Donate your collection

Do you have your own collection of transport memorabilia, which is taking up too much space at home? The Friends welcome donations of books, ephemera and other transport-related items, so why not consider passing all or part of what you have to the Friends.
If your gift adds something relevant and new to the Museum's collections, what you donate will be passed on to the Museum so that it can be  looked after and enjoyed by generations to come.
What if your material duplicates items already in the Museum’s collections, or does not fall within the Museum’s collections policy? Then we may - with your agreement - find an alternative home for it by offering it for sale to other enthusiasts. If it is sold, we will put the proceeds towards the acquisition or conservation of other items in the Museum’s collections.
We may be able to arrange to collect any donated items. But please note that we cannot accept old magazines, which generally have no value.
If you have something to donate, please contact the Friends' Donations and Sales Manager, John King, at: