What we do

The London Transport Museum Friends support the Museum and its aim of conserving and interpreting London's transport heritage. We provide resources to help the Museum offer people an understanding of the capital's past;  and to engage them in the debate about its future.

By providing funds to restore vehicles or to acquire items for the collection we can ensure they are there for future generations.

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Friends can be found in the Museum and the Museum Depot at Acton leading tours in the galleries or in the archives. We may also help with cataloging, fundraising and stewarding heritage vehicles.

At the Museum Depot open weekends, Friends can be found demonstrating equipment, conducting tours and selling collectables.

In 2017, the Friends made a substantial donation to kick-start the acquisition of the second immacualtely resored Leyland bus (the Chocolate Express) from the Mike Sutcliffe collection.

In 2016, the Friends made a significant contribution to the cost of renovating the Museum's 1938 tube stock, to permit its continued operation on special trips on the Underground system from 2017 onwards..

In 2015, the Friends provided an initial donation of £20,000 to kick-start the Museum's Leyland Buses Appeal, to support the acquisition of three immaculately restored Leyland buses, each with a London connection.

For the 2014 Year of the Bus, celebrating a century since the First World War started, the Friends have contributed £125,000 towards the restoration of a B-type Bus that was sent to the Western Front. Battle Bus

For the 150th anniversary of London Underground in 2013, the Friends also contributed £150,000 towards the restoration of Metropolitan Railway Jubilee coach 353 that was running with the Metropolitan No 1 locomotive. Coach 353

The Friends can also be found supporting the Museum at all the special events during the year, guiding visitors and stewarding the restored vehicles ensuring that as many people as possible got the opportunity to experience the celebrations.

We also promote London’s rich transport heritage by running a programme of talks to organisations and by harnessing our members’ enthusiasm through our events, magazine and online communications.

As a separate charity from the Museum, the Friends have their own board of trustees and an unpaid management team of people drawn from inside and outside the capital’s transport system.