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What did you do with your summer last year?  Vicki Pipe and Geoff Marshall spent 15 weeks of theirs’ travelling around Britain - entirely by train - as they visited all 2,563 railway stations in Great Britain, in a project they called "All The Stations".  Taking pictures and producing and publishing video as they went they got an insight into the railways of Britain, the people that use them and the places they serve, and they will be at the Museum to talk to us for an hour (and answer questions!) and give their insights as to what they discovered on their journey.

Cubic Theatre. London Transport Museum, Covent Garden.

Monday 26 February 2018. 18.15 hours.

All reservable seats for this meeting have now been allocated. A limited numbr (around 20) of unreserved seats will be available on a first come, first service basis on the night.

Please be aware that, at the speakers' request, this talk will not be streamed on YouTube