London by design

London by design

Whilst most of the Friends were engaging with the Year of the Bus at open days at bus garages or the Regent Street cavalcade, the Museum was planning their next themed year.

London by Design starts in 2015 and will continue well into 2016. Inspired by London Transport’s design heritage and legacy, the Museum’s design gallery will lead an exhibition of the same name.

Starting in the era dominated by Leslie Green stations and the B-type bus, the exhibition will demonstrate the influence of Lord Ashfield and Frank Pick as they sought to demonstrate functional, fitness for purpose design across every aspect of the burgeoning network into what was one of the earliest stars of corporate style.

The exhibition will also call on a series of pre and post Beck maps and both 38 Tube stock and Routemaster designs and moquettes. Architecture will be represented by styles from Holden through to the Jubilee line and Crossrail.

Any exhibition on design cannot ignore the posters throughout the development of the system and examples from the archives will be shown alongside contemporary ones commissioned by Art on the Underground.

Later on, in the temporary gallery space, developments are afoot to include a look at the design process with the inclusion of workshops.

Next month Johnston’s Journeys start at the Depot. Lead by Project Manager, Richard Taylor, Friends’ volunteers have been developing a series of tours on the renown typographer commissioned to give all print a clear, uniform and corporate look.

Over the 18-month London by Design theme period, it is expected that the Museum will host two symposiums on Johnson, and one special open weekend at the Depot.

Recently appointed Head Curator, Liz Scott, will be introducing London by Design to the Friends at event at the end of the month.