Friends rare opportunity to visit Trust

Friends rare opportunity to visit Trust

Last week a group of lucky Friends got the opportunity to visit the Thames Valley and Great Western Omnibus Trust at Fifield.

The Trust organises classic bus and coach running days each year, including following the routes of the Royal Blue coach network, and the Western National bus routes around Kingsbridge, Devon.

Chairman Colin Billington highlighted the link between the West Country and London through the General’s transfer of B-types to the National Company after WW1, including the Museum’s ‘Battle Bus’ B2737. He also described projects to restore a number of vehicles in the collection.

The party were escorted around a treasure trove of vehicles, some in roadworthy condition, many awaiting restoration. Friends were then shown a 1927 Leyland Lion of the National company recovered from its use as a farm worker’s home, a 1965 Bristol FLF double-decker and an early 1950s Bristol LS-type Royal Blue coach: All under restoration.

The party were also given the opportunity to travel around the village in a 1927 Great Western Railway Guy single-decker (recovered from its previous use as a holiday home in Perranporth), a 1953 Southern National Bristol LS coach and, after sunset, an atmospheric return to Slough Station in a 1957 Reading Corporation lowbridge AEC Regent.

Competition for places to see this private collection was fierce, and there are plans to have a further trip next spring. Priority will be given to those who wanted to go on the first trip.