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Fulwell opens its doors

Fulwell opens its doors

Today the Year of the Bus moved on to Fulwell Garage, where London United hosted an open day. Like a number of London Garages, Fulwell has a long history: firstly as a tram depot and then a trolleybus depot, before being converted to a bus garage in 1962. So it was fitting that the Museum had Q1 trolleybus 1768 on display, together with B2737, RM1, FRM1 and the Scooter, LT1076.

The Renault-Saviem from Paris also put in a surprise appearance, doubling up as a first aid post. Its presence was particularly appropriate, given the Parisian ownership of London United.

Some very sharp showers did not diminish the crowd's enthusiasm, and an immaculately presented single-decker LT1076 was the star for a number of young fans. Visitors were, as ever, entranced by the Battle Bus B-Type and the stories of her 'cleaner'.

Both the Museum and the Friends were present.

Photo & text courtesy Dave Olney